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More and more people are using messenger apps, which is the biggest reason many well-known platforms and players have developed their own messaging platform – all in the effort to cater to consumers.

Blackberry owners were able to use the Blackberry Messenger app. Today, there’s Facebook Messenger, iMessage and Google Allo to add to one’s repertoire. With so many available to choose from, how do you know which one is the best? Here is a look at three popular messaging apps:

Google Allo

Google recently released its new video calling app called Duo, and it came with Allo – a messaging app that looks to overtake Facebook Messenger and iMessenger. Allo is similar to these other two, but the Artificial Intelligence makes it different from the rest. With the AI feature, you can reply to messages using a preloaded text.

The messenger app uses the Google Assistant with the in-app assistant known as @google. The @google will let you search the Internet and places as well as play videos in the chat program.

How Does The Allo Messenger Work?

When you type in @google and ask a question, it will work to find the answers or provide suggestions. It’s similar to what Siri does when users talk to her. Since Allo is a cross-messaging platform, it’s usable on both iPhones and Android devices. Allo uses Google, so it lets the app learn how people talk during conversations. The Smart Reply ensures to improve upon itself, allowing it to distinguish between images and offer the right reply.

The only drawback about the app is that it’s only compatible with mobile phones.


iMessage now has a better version of itself thanks to iOS 10. And, there a number of iMessenger apps that users can take advantage of. The app can be used alongside third-party apps, and if you want to do something more than just chat, it allows you to do that as well.

iMessenger isn’t different when it comes to its conversational interface, but it does provide new emojis, stickers and visual effects. There’s also more animated GIFs, texts and can react to texts similar to Facebook.

Facebook Messenger

There are more than one billion users on the messenger app, and it’s usable on a multitude of platforms – Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Web. It’s a desirable messaging app because it doesn’t push phone messages while a chat is going on.

Facebook Messenger is constantly improving itself – integrates itself with texting conversations and improves the threading of messages feature. It can develop simple group chats and lets them ping their location to a friend while in the conversation. It can also archive chats so you can trace them.

Each one has their positive and negative components, but by knowing what they are, you can choose the one that best meets what you’re looking for from a messaging app.