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Pokémon Sun and Moon edition release date is getting closer, and fans everywhere are getting anxious about its release. The game is loved by people of all ages, which makes Pokémon a very popular game. Because it’s such a popular game, everywhere you go on the internet you can find news and rumors about the upcoming updates. The best news we have received is the new Pokedex. People are hyped up about the Pokedex because it revealed there will be Ultra Beasts.

Rumors are also saying that the new Pokémon Sun and Moon update will remove the mega evolution feature. This is actually bad news, because this feature is what made their games famous among fans. You should not make rash decisions and take down Pokémon Sun and Moon from your games list.

Pokémon Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution in Pokémon was regarded as one of the best features because it helped players improve their pokemon’s attributes and help them win battles. The Mega Evolution works this way, first you need to have a set of special Mega Stones to evolve them, and you can get this stones only in battles or contests. When the battle or the contest is over the Pokémon will return to its initial form.

An interesting fact about Mega Evolution is that you cannot evolve all Pokémon this way, only the strongest Pokémon can be Mega Evolved and they become significantly stronger. Let’s say you Mega Evolve a Blastoise, he will change to a Mega Blastoise and his appearance and type will change also.

The reason Pokémon is removing Mega Evolve

Pokémon has confirmed that Mega Evolution will still be supported in the game, but the game will stop from delving more with this mechanic. The people that will get affected by this decision are mostly the loyal fans. The reason they are not doing more with Mega Evolution is because they want to implement a new mechanic, the Pokémon Z-Moves.

Junichi Masuda has explained in an official statement that by implementing Pokémon Z-Moves, he wants this to be a way for players to use Pokémon which way the want to use them. Players will be able to focus more on their favorite types of Pokémon in battles, and to ensure people will start using other Pokémon types that weren’t used in battle before.

Masuda has also stated that if in the future they will release a new game, and if the Mega Evolution feature will work best they will more than likely add the feature to the game, but at the moment they don’t have any plans of doing that.

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