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Each time an update is released, people want to know what features are new and what features were improved upon. Of course, updates don’t always address bug problems, though it’s not uncommon to see standard fixes for the majority of them.

For Android’s WhatsApp updates, there’s always something besides minor fixes and bug repairs to each version. With the latest and upcoming WhatsApp updates for Android, here are a few things you’ll see

  • Beta test version lets users draw on images before sent
  • New sticker selection can be added to images
  • Freestyle writing available
  • New emojis added to beta update
  • Public group links live in beta update

Chances are they won’t be seen in one update, but they are eventually coming. Emojis are the most anticipated of the bunch. After all, who doesn’t like to convey feelings in a single emoji?

The new iOS 10-like emojis for the WhatsApp Android will have both male and female emojis – a move that’s indicative the messaging app is trying to embrace diversity. The female emojis will be available for weightlifter, runner, swimming, basketball player, skateboarder, policewoman and parents of the same gender.

There will also be the water gun emoji, which is already seen by iOS 10 users. Based on the guidelines from the Unicode Consortium (tech industry group), the water gun emoji must look like a toy gun – not a real one.

The new emojis offers a redesigned look, providing them with a 3D appearance. Some are seen in Android Nougat, and others will be seen in November’s Unicode Emoji 4.0 update.

On top of the new emojis, the Android version for WhatsApp update will also be available in larger format.

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