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There’s a new version of the Google Play Store being rolled out, bringing with it a few subtle changes. These may not seem much to users, but they can make a difference with your Play Store experience.

The Google Play Store version 7.1 now has a more rounded launcher icon, which was redesigned so it will better match the icons that will be found on the Pixel Launcher when the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones will be released. A new promotion or gift icon is also added in the update.

Changes with the launcher icon won’t make an impact to Android users. But if you download the Pixel Launcher app, or get your hands on the Google smartphone, it will make a difference.

Launcher shortcuts will be added, which would allow you to jump into the apps that you downloaded. These will also provide a quick and easy way to see updates available, and get support for 4K and UHD content on the Play Store. If there are movies and TV shows in 4k from the Google Play Store, you will be able to rent and/or buy them through the launcher.

Update to the new version, however, may or may not happen quickly enough. Google Play Store updates usually happen in stages and the rollout tends to be slow most of the time. In the event that the update is not yet on your device, download the latest APK.

Download and Install Google Play Store APK

  1. Enable Unknown Sources. Go to Settings > Security, check Unknown Sources.
  2. Download Google Play v7.1 APK from a reliable and legitimate source.
  3. Once download is complete, start the installation process.
  4. Once done, check if you already have the latest Google Play Store update.

Version 7.1 of the Google Play Store is likely to be the last of all the updates for 2016. But expect more to come next year.