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It is no surprise that Pokemon Go, just like any other mobile application, has reached its peak. In this case, Pokemon Go users have declined over its course. Thus, it is understandable that the game has nowhere else to go but update. With this development, it is expected that there are possible changes that could happen. Here are some great developments to get excited about.

New Pokemon, New Category

Players of the Pokemon Go Generation 2 should expect a hundred new Pokemon with eighty-six new moves to go with it. The game will also have a new category known as Baby Pokemon. Likewise, legacy Pokemon will have some new evolutions when the update will be released.

Evolution Highlights Pokemon Go Generation 2

Among the most popular Pokemon is Eevee and it will have 2 more evolutions in this new update, namely Espeon and Umbreon. This will cost around 25 candies similar to the current evolution.

Likewise, the once useless Pokemon character Onix will now evolve into Steelix after the update will be released to the public. This will cost around 50 candies, so make sure that you have saved at least one high rating Onix for the upcoming evolutions.

Slowpoke is also another one dubbed as the one of the strongest Pokemon. In the coming 2nd Generation release, it will become much stronger when it evolves to Slowking. This may cost you around 100 candies to get this character evolve into a much better one.

There are so many more characters added in the Pokemon Go Generation 2 mobile game. This update has triggered the hype that fans can’t wait to play with. The only question is when it will finally be launched for the public. Do you think it will be released before the end of 2016?