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Apple released iOS 10 in September and shortly after that two quick updates followed. So technically, we are standing at iOS 10.0.2 right now. It’s not surprising that Apple’s latest mobile operating system would be riddled with bugs. It’s just following a tradition that started with iOS 9, which still has issues left unanswered.

While there is a 10.0.2 in existence, Apple’s 10.1 update is also in beta 3 stage as of this writing. The update is expected to be released late in October. However, those who have signed up for the Developer Preview can download a public beta of the newest version.

Given that two updates have already been released by Apple, jailbreak lovers are still waiting for Pangu to make a move. Although there were reports that Pangu has no answers for this update, some sources believe that the jailbreaking team actually have the technology in their hands and is just waiting for the right time to unveil it.

The Christian Times suggested that Pangu might have been stumped by Apple, for real this time. The Silicon Valley giant has released two successive updates in a row which may contain additional security features that prevent the jailbreaking of their phones.

However, iJailBreak believes that Pangu has already created a jailbreaking tool for iOS 10. They suggest the team isn’t releasing the tool yet as they still have to perfect it. Whenever Apple releases a new iOS update, a new tool needs to be developed. Given the speed at which Apple has been producing updates for iOS 10, Pangu might want to wait until there’s a significant lull before releasing their jailbreaking tool. This way, their creation won’t be rendered insignificant.

For now, jailbreak lovers will have to practice patience and hope that the rumors of an iOS 10 jailbreak tool is real. Otherwise, they are stuck with whatever Apple throws at them.