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Viber is one of the most common and popular VOiP applications used worldwide. This is a convenient and easy way to connect with friends and family from other parts of the globe, for free. To date, there are more than 400 million users of this mobile app.

With Viber, people can send messages, make voice calls and video calls, share photos and video messages so long as there is WiFi connection or 3G. Also, there are 52 countries Viber users can call for free. Conversely, for Viber users who want to call landlines or people without the Viber app, there is the Viber Out feature that makes this possible for a fee.

The latest version for Windows 10, 6.2 had already been released and it comes with rich links and bug fixes. Aside from these, the most recent update now supports more languages and switching from one language to another is easier.  It now also has a URL support. That is, URL messages in the viber conversation are now clickable.

For Android and iOS, version 6.3 is now available. This latest update boasts of new design and color. Users can now also answer video calls directly. By simply clicking on the video call icon, video calls, whether on or off, can be answered. It is now also possible to turn off the video while on call so the person on the other line will not see your video but the audio call still continues. The user can also minimize the call. For video calls, they can be made from the chat screen, video screen or the contact info screen and lastly, the user can share viber messages.

Viber is compatible and optimized for Android tablets as well. The phone number of the user is the Viber ID and automatically, the mobile contact list is synched with the app and this makes it possible to know which people in your contact list have Viber.

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