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Once it passes the tests, FastPokeMap, the third party application will be released for the public. The developer of FastPokeMap has already announced the “Pokémon Go” players that this scanner is illegal and they can get banned for using it.

The FastPokeMap is actually a map scanner for “Pokémon Go” and the first Pokémon that was found thanks to it is Rattata. The developer has mentioned that the development progress is going well, but he can’t promise that it will be released in the next few days. At the same time, the developer has mentioned that hosting a map did not cause them to break any law, but since it is used to reverse “Pokémon Go’s” security is not legal.

We remind you that the “Pokémon Go” is a popular mobile game that has been released by Niantic, which arrived back in July 6, 2016 and it became one of the most played games on mobile devices. It is good to know that Niantic has also released an update for the game that has blocked third party scanners which require access to the game’s API.

However, soon enough, the developer has announced that they will reverse the “Pokémon GO’s” security system in two weeks or sooner. Well, two weeks have already passed since the update was released to block FastPokeMap from “Pokémon GO”, but it seems that the developer of the third party application is getting closer and closer to finally release the new version of the tool to the public.

Reports say that the developers of “Pokémon Go” are now working on their own nearby tracker which can identify the exact location of Pokestops and Pokemons. This tracker is tested in San Francisco, but there is no information when exactly it will be launched.