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Facebook is about connecting with strangers all over the world, making friends and finding old friends. Besides posting photos and videos, users can like other people’s posts, send text messages and stickers to them, and thanks to the latest update for Windows 10, now it’s possible to make voice and video calls as well. If a friend is active on Facebook, the user will tap the phone icon from the top right corner of the screen to call him/her.

Currently, Android and iOS users need to go to or to make a voice or video call. When it comes to the desktop app for Windows, in the past months, users have been recording and sharing Live broadcasts, and from now on, thanks to the new update, when someone will try to reach them, they will receive a desktop notification. Plus, they will be able to leave a voicemail in their friends’ inboxes, while having the option to choose which camera they want to use to record a video call. Unfortunately, for now, Facebook for Windows 10 doesn’t support group video, while the video calling feature has been teased for a while and it was finally added to the application.

The Go Live feature is definitely appreciated by users who broadcasted their actions on the go and allowed viewers from around the globe to watch them in real time. This was a mobile-only option and now it’s available to Windows 10 users who will see a small livestreaming icon in the “update status” box when they will open up the application. Recently, Facebook has offered users the possibility to record and share 24-hour livestreams, but it also brought other features such as support for professional cameras and multiple-camera use, to keep up with the competition.

Being able to livestream from a desktop is great, but you will need a fast internet speed to upload your video (at least 3-4Mbps upload speed).