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Facebook has in total over 1.7 billion active users all over the world who are logging into their accounts from a web browser on PC, or from a mobile device, and from time to time, the developers are releasing new updates for the application. This time, iOS users are receiving new features and below, we’ll tell you more about them.

The new update is now rolling out to iOS devices and Facebook has offered a change-log with everything that was added to the application. First of all, users will be able to complete tasks without leaving the application. This means that from now on, they will order food, purchase tickets and book appointments directly from Facebook. Restaurants will have a new “Start Order” tab on their pages, on which users will click to place an order. However, not all restaurants will use this feature because they prefer other services like or Slice, but we’re pretty sure that their customers will want to contact them on Facebook.

In addition, moviegoers and fun lovers will buy tickets directly from dedicated Facebook Pages, via Fandango. Facebook teamed up with Ticketmaster and Eventbrite to implement this feature and users will definitely like the idea to buy tickets from the event page, without having to leave the platform and make purchases on companies’ official websites.

Also, users will be able to request an appointment at a local business, via its Facebook page and at the same time, they will have access to the entire list of services and offerings. The appointment confirmation at that business will be sent via Messenger, so that the companies’ representatives won’t have to contact their clients personally.

Lastly, the new Recommendation system will come in handy when a user will want to receive advice on local places or services. After turning on the Recommendations option and writing a Facebook post, friends will comment with suggestions and they will be seen on the map. So, when someone mentions the name of a restaurant, hotel, or any other important business, its location will appear on the map.