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According to the official blog page of “Clash Royale”, the way the developers approach card balance is by looking at the stats and through playtesting—particularly by looking at card use rates and win rates. And because of that, players can expect monthly updates that will create balance changes to keep the gameplay as fun and fine-tuned as possible.

Well, we don’t know if this is what “Clash Royale” players will be feeling towards the changes set for the most recent October 20 update. Here are some of the balance updates to arrive in the gameplay.

Giant Hitpoints is 5% weaker

It seems Supercell has paid attention to the large damage caused by Goison, which gives the wielder too much advantage. So, to balance this out more evenly, more power will be pulled out from the Giant, and poison will no longer have a slow effect. However, poison will still retain its damage against enemies.

Elixir costs more, but gains more

From five Elixirs, you now have to pay six in order to get the Elixir Collector Card. The goal is to make players think twice before using the card. The good news is ten seconds will be added to the Lifetime of the wielder.

Log is more lethal

Damage inflicted by the log is increased by 9% and it also has a longer reach.

Skeleton army costs less, but is fewer

Raising a skeleton army now costs only 3 Elixirs. But instead of the 21 soldiers, you can summon only 16. However, they will be stronger.

Golem and Ice Golem damages flying troops 

For consistency, both cards can now inflict damage to airborne enemies.

With the new tournament mode introduced in the previous update, and with all the changes mentioned above, is “Clash Royale” still a fun game to play?