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WhatsApp is a very popular mobile messaging application that has over 1 billion monthly active users. The application is available for Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and many other mobile platforms.

Many users have asked the developers to release a WhatsApp version for the desktop computer and even if that happened, not many were quite pleased with it. First of all, the WhatsApp Desktop version is actually similar with the “WhatsApp Web” feature which allows you to connect to your WhatsApp account via the browser on a computer. However, in order to use it, your mobile device needs to be connected to the internet, as it will be used as a “gateway” between the WhatsApp servers and your computer.

So, the only difference between WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web is that in order to connect on your WhatsApp account via the WhatsApp Desktop application you will no longer need to open the a browser on your PC.

However, it seems that now the developers understood that they need to bring some changes to the desktop version of the application in order to make it a bit different that the old “WhatsApp Web”. The new WhatsApp Desktop version 0.2.2234 comes with the following changes:

  • New emoji;
  • The ability to browse shared images;
  • A button to select and share animated gifs;
  • Search within chat;
  • UI improvements.

Hopefully, the developers will soon release a WhatsApp Desktop version that will not require your smartphone to be connected to the internet. By doing this, your smartphone’s battery will not get wasted when you are at the computer and you chat with your WhatsApp friends.

Have you installed the latest WhatsApp Desktop version on your computer? Tell us your thoughts about it! Did you notice any bugs or glitches?