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EA and Maxis have announced the “City Living” expansion pack for The Sims 4 game. However, it seems that the fans of this game are already looking for more expansion packs from the developers. It seems that new rumors are suggesting that the developers are already considering bringing “Pets” and “Seasons” expansions to this popular game.

In concordance with iDigital Games, some new expansions will be released for “The Sims 4” sometime later in November 2016. Rumors say that the developers will also release a new expansion in order to celebrate the holidays sometime later in December.
We remind you that back in September 2016, a guy that has the name Davidjaa on Reddit has asked if The Sims 4 will also receive “Pets” and “Seasons” expansion. One of the forum moderators from EA has replied to him, saying: “I think so. But what do I know?”.

Well, it seems that EA and Maxis have been working hard on revamping “The Sims 4”, as many fans of the game are saying that even if the graphics are awesome, there aren’t too many DLCs yet, which makes it quite blank.

This might be the reason why the developers are now trying to bring two new expansions to the game, called “Pets” and “Seasons”. We remind you that these two expansions have been released for “The Sims 3” and we’re pretty sure that many fans will enjoy them.

It is good to know that the developer of “The Sims 4” has released a new video of the “City Living DLC” that has been released for the mentioned game. You can watch the video below:

Do you think that “The Sims 4” will receive the “Pets” and “Seasons” expansions soon? How long have you been playing this game and what do you like about it?