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It seems that Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, is teasing us with a special event that will take place in the mentioned game, this Halloween. On the official Facebook page of Niantic, the developer has mentioned that this Halloween, they suspect that the trainers will run into more Pokémon than usual. A picture has been included in the past, showing a player catching Haunter, a Ghost type of Pokémon.

It seems that many believe that Niantic is actually teasing some sort of special Halloween that will take place in Pokémon Go, next week. According to some players, the Ghost type Pokémon will most likely be increased during the Halloween, as Niantic has mentioned that on its profile page.

We remind you that John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic, has mentioned in the past that trainers will experience some special Pokémon Go event sometime in the near future. Well, in three months since this game was released we didn’t see any type of special events, but the Halloween holiday might be a great occasion to start with.

Let’s not forget that Christmas is also getting closer and we think that Niantic will prepare a really huge event for Pokémon Go, where you will most likely receive candy and the Pokémon spawn rate will highly increase.

We think that the developer will need to think about a way to make kids go out to hunt Pokémon even when it is cold. Maybe if they will increase the Pokémon spawn rate and give some free items for anyone that spends time catching Pokémon during this time of year, they will make more players come back to the game.

If we will find more information about the Pokémon Go: Halloween Update we will let you know!

Do you think that Pokémon Go will receive a Halloween event this year? Tell us your thoughts about this popular game!