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The Public Test Region version of Overwatch has received a new patch that brought some important changes to the PC version of this game.

However, according to Josh Engen, the game’s community manager, none of these changes should be considered final, as the developers are still tweaking the game and based on the feedback it gets from players, it will bring the patch to the live version of the game.

Keep in mind that the PTR version of a game usually aims to makes sure that it balances the game and this is the reason why usually a patch is tested for several weeks and even months until it gets released to the official version of a game.

It seems that one major difference that the new patch has brought to the game is that the “Ultimate” ability will no longer charge when you damage Torbjorn’s turrets (non-players) or Symmetra’s sentries. In addition, it will cost 25% extra in order to cast Ultimates for every hero. In other words, gamers who play Mei will feel the big differences, as they will have to shell out 15% on op of the initial 25%.

In addition, some heroes got also buffed and D. Va is one of them. She now has more health (from 100 to 200) and her movement speed got a boost of 25% (while firing).

On the other hand, Torbjorn will gather scrap over time, but it seems that the amount of scrap he is collecting has been dialed down by 40%. However, this is the reason why the “Forge Hammer” will now swing 25% faster, but it will cause 27% less damage.

If you like playing with Soldier 76, then you should know that his bullet damage and spread has been increased. Ana’s Nano Boost ability will no longer provide movement speed, so this is surely a significant change. Lucio’s Amp It Up ability is now healing the targets 10% slower and Zarya’s barrier is now 20% less powerful.

According to Geoff Goodman, the main Overwatch designer, this PTR will last longer than the previous ones because it contains a good amount of nerfs and they want to test them out before they release it to the live servers.

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