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There are Android applications that some Windows users would want to try out on their devices, but the only way to engage in Android gaming is by using a third-party solution. Luckily, there are a few software choices that are worth installing and we’ll tell you about a few programs that many are content about.

Remix OS

With this full-blown desktop OS, you can use Google’s Drive, Gmail, Chrome and other non-Google apps, you can play Clash of Clans, run the mobile version of Snapchat and many more. This is very stable, but complicated to set up, because it requires you to disable Secure Boot and from the boot, you will choose Remix. Users have complained that after installing this program on their Surface Pro 4, touch support didn’t work, but overall, they were impressed with how Remix handled titles.


It works with both Mac and Windows and it’s the most appreciated Android emulator because it has an easy setup process and when it’s fired up, it already has some games waiting to be downloaded. Also, you can run multiple applications at once and there are some dedicated buttons that are able to emulate actions that are supported on a mobile device – such as taking a picture or shaking the device. Besides suggested games, you will get BlueStacks TV, which will allow you to view live streams from Twitch.


It is Lollipop-powered and it allows you to install APK files that are available in the Play Store, but it also comes pre-installed with Amazon App store. Some apps are free and but, they’re updated through Amazon’s store, which shouldn’t be a problem. Amiduos has a multitasking menu, it’s very responsive and it doesn’t affect the touch screen of Surface tablets, as you will be able to access the notification center by sliding down from the top.


It may be free, but not all users will enjoy seeing all those annoying ads and they may not agree to let Andy install a Chrome extension. But, the good news is that this program is based on Marshmallow and it’s very responsive to touches.