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While some handsets are already rolling out the new Android 7.0 Nougat operating system from Google and others are already preparing to receive the update to this OS, the 7.1 version, some devices haven’t even gotten around to receiving Android Marshmallow yet, the previous OS from Google.

The latest device to receive Android Marshmallow is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 from AT&T and it will, of course, get all of the features that come with the OS. These include improved security, the ability for users to make and receive voice and video calls and a new feature called Number Synch. This last feature allows users to make urgent calls, videos calls and quick voice notes.

The update is about 1 GB in size so if you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and want to upgrade your device, make sure that you have enough space on it. You will also need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection during the entire upgrading process. If you do not do so, it’s possible that you will have to repeat the upgrading process when all of these requirements are available.

If your device does not notify you that an upgrade is available, you can check for it manually and if it’s there, download and install it. This is how you check for the upgrade manually.

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Then go to the About Device menu.
  3. There you will see the Software Update panel. Click on it and see if there are any available updates.
  4. If the update is available, simply download and install it while paying attention to whatever messages or prompts are issued by the installer.

It’s really that easy! If you don’t find anything, just make you sure you check for it from time to time. If AT&T said that it’s available, that it will definitely come to all of its clients.