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Initially launched for Xperia Play exclusively on Google Play, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the mobile version developed by Mojang AB. It was launched on August 2011 and was later released for Android devices in October of the same year. On the other hand, it was released in November following that for iOS devices as well.

Moreover, it was later made available on Amazon Appstore on April 2014 in which the Pocket Edition was released for Amazon Fire TV. This even included support for its Fire TV controller. The demo or the light version of the game 0.2.1 was released without the functionality of world save. This was made available until October 2013. It was also later released for the Windows Store in December of 2014. Meanwhile, it was finally released for Windows 10 as Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta in July 2015.

The latest update 0.16.0 The Boss Update was expected for release on October 18, 2016. However, it was not released on time, which was later made on October 21 instead. Its final Beta Build is now Build 5.

Here are some additions made to the game:

  • New commands are added, which originally have 20 commands only,
  • Availability of custom resource packs,
  • Loot tables,
  • Add-ons,
  • Various new sounds, and
  • Search box in Windows 10 only to be available in Creative Mode.

Blocks and Items also include the following:

  • Maps will show different colors in accordance to different biomes. This is only available for this version only.
  • Sponges have updated its texture and can now soak up water,
  • Powering Beacons can now be done via Gold, Blocks of Iron, Diamonds, and Emerald,
  • Monster Eggs of all types are made available in the creative inventory.

If you are a fan of this game, you should also love the Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which now has a number of exciting new features.

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