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Whenever you are required to do something complicated on your Android device, you must access Developer Options, but the tab is hidden and it can’t be found in Settings. This was Google’s deliberate decision because the company doesn’t want everyone to access Developer Options and mess up their phones, but for power users who have enough experience, this will be an easy task.

Remember that if you change anything in Developer Options, your user experience will be affected positively or negatively, so make sure you will not make any mistake. Android is an open ecosystem and it’s quite simple to unlock Developer Options, but why is it necessary to do this? Well, this way, you will be able to enable USB Debugging, to set a desktop backup password, disable or speed up animations, force-enable FXAA for OpenGL games, fake your GPS location, see always-on-top CPU usage etc.

There are many things that you can do after unlocking Developer Options, and if you follow the correct steps, you won’t have any problems on your Galaxy S7, LG G, LG V10, HTC 10, Google Pixel or any other Android phone.

– First of all, you will head to Settings;
– Next, you will scroll down to the About Phone tab;
– Then, scroll again until you will find the Build Number tab;
– Tap quickly on the Build Number tab and a message will appear, saying that you’re about to unlock Developer Options;
– Congrats! You did it! You have enabled Developer Options!
– Now, press the back key to go back and you will notice a new tab appearing in front of the About Phone tab, which is Developer Options;
– Tap Developer Options and start tweaking your Android device.

This method will work no matter if your device runs on Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop or other older Android OS.