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Chrome users are always grateful when a new version of this web browser is released. And when Chrome 54 Beta was released, users welcomed the new features that Google has added to the browser, such as background media playback and colored tabs in tab switcher. Now, these features are available for all users who download and install Chrome 54.

In Chrome 54 Beta, users were able to play media in the background, and on HTML5 websites, content could be played/paused from a notification. In iOS, websites pinned to the home screen have an apple-touch-icon, which is displayed in the notification, although for some it’s a bit strange. At first, this feature worked with YouTube’s mobile site, but now the mobile version of the video-sharing website is using the new Page Visibility standard, so that the when the page is moved to the background, this standard will “know”. This means that if the page won’t block background playback of media, this feature will work without any problems.

The second addition is colored tabs in tab switcher. In Beta 54, this feature is enabled by default, but in Chrome Dev 53, it appeared as an optional flag. The New Tab page was redesigned and it shows suggested articles in the bottom area, instead of shortcuts to Bookmarks and Recent Tabs.

Google has also introduced developer features such as:

– Custom Elements, allowing developers to create their own HTML tags using JavaScript and CSS, which can be manipulated and reused;
– Broadcast Channel API, which allows windows/tabs, workers, and iframes to communicate with each other;
– CSS user-select, which allows developers to disable elements, such as buttons or drop-down menus, instead of JavaScript;
– Full screen improvements, which will allow sites to automatically show content in full screen when the user will switch to landscape mode.

Chrome 54 Stable version was added to the Google Play Store on October 19.