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Microsoft hasn’t managed to keep up the pace with Google and Apple when it comes to delivering impressive and unique features, but maybe one day, Windows 10 Mobile will win the crown. For now, many of the features of Windows 10 Mobile have approximations on Android and iOS, but Microsoft still hopes that its productivity applications will generate more interest and people who own devices created by Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony and other manufacturers will want to try them out. Below, we’ll give you a few examples of features available in Windows 10 Mobile that would look good on any Android device.


This is Windows’ personal assistant and it can be installed on Android. It can help users to organize and keep track of their appointments and other events, but it doesn’t offer all features that are available on the desktop version. However, if Cortana is already used on a computer running on Windows 10, users will receive remainders for things such as location and meeting, on both their Android phone and desktop, and they can reply on their PC (via a text message) to missed calls. Cortana can also tell jokes, but it’s not the best idea to use it for controlling hardware.


One of Google Maps’ alternatives is HERE WeGo, the latter being renamed by Microsoft after purchasing Nokia, the creator of HERE Maps app. When Windows 10 Mobile was released, many of the core features of HERE WeGo continued to exist, but the team from HERE believes that it wasn’t worth redeveloping the application from the ground-up for the new operating system. However, Android users should give this app a try and see if it’s a good solution or not.


With the help of this feature, users are able to dock their phones with a screen and transform them into a computer. But developers need to make a few modifications to their apps, to run across different form factors.

Live Tiles

Android users need launchers to simulate Windows 10 Mobile’s Start screen, but they are very expensive. Win 10 Launcher is a good option, but the only annoying thing about it is that it plays audio ads with no warning.