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If you love playing ARENA type of games then you’ve already heard of Bloodline Champions. The game has been developed by Stunlock Studios and it had a really good launch with many gamers playing it daily. In fact, some competitive events have been created for this game where popular teams have joined.

Unfortunately, soon enough the game, has lost a good amount of players. We think that the developing company made a really big mistake by adding medallions and traits, but it seems that not many players were excited about them. It is good to know that, before medallions and traits, all heroes were the same, and this was great for skilful players. However, the medallions and traits have brought customizable stuff into the game and they really messed up the competitive play.

Well, Bloodline Champions is currently “dead”, but we have some good news for all fans of this type of game, as Stunlock Studios has released a new game named Battlerite, which is inspired from Bloodline Champions. The mechanics are mostly the same, the old heroes from Bloodline Champions have been adapted to the new game and to make things even better, two new heroes will be added today.

Battlerite is currently in early access phase on STEAM, which means that in order to play it, you will need to pay ‎€19.99. However, once the early access phase will finish, the game will be FREE TO PLAY and everyone will enjoy playing it without encountering any problems. Currently, the game has over 200.000 players in Early Access, which is quite impressive for a new game that has been released by a non-popular developing company such as Stunlock Studios.

The new characters that will be added to Battlerite after today’s maintenance are: Jumong – The Beast Hunter and Ruh Kaan – The Crypt Warden. In addition, a night-time version of the Blackstone Arena will be added along with new legendary mounts and weapons. The game will also receive a Halloween themed update that comes with many cosmetics items and other stuff that will bring the Halloween sprit into the arena.

Below you can see the trailers of the two new heroes that are added to Battlerite: