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Recently, the AdBlock Plus feature for Microsoft Edge received an update to version 0.9.8, which can be found in the Windows Store. The update doesn’t have a changelog, but thankfully it fixed a particularly annoying issue: the app often announced that the subscription storage is full. It would also advise the users to remove some of the subscriptions and to try again.

AdBlock, together with AdBlock Plus, are the two main extensions that most people use nowadays, and it’s normal if you think about the amount of ads web browsers provide just on a regular session on the web.

Sadly, some of the users reported a bug to the new version of the extension. It seems that when you close the Edge browser, the whitelisted sites are forgotten. Many complained that the Edge browser in general has lots of minor bugs, even after more than a year after its release. Other users said that uBlockOrigin is a better option than AdBlock Plus, but the thing is that it’s not officially in the store yet.

Just now, AdBlock is currently in a war with Facebook. If you update the AdBlock Plus filters, you will be able to get rid of the ads you see on the social network. This comes after recently Facebook announced that they want to restrict the programs that affect their advertising. The company declared that they did not pay anything for them to be put on a whitelist by any adblocking service. Instead, they said that they tweaked the way in which ads are recognized online. Moreover, they try to let the users choose what ads they want to see instead of letting any service put their ad up there.

Most likely, Facebook will make the next move and do something to block AdPlus from working on their website.