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According to rumors, the development of “The Last of Us 2” has already been started, but it seems that this video game will not be released sometime soon. In fact, the development of this game has started earlier this year, but not in “full force”, as Naughty Dog has also worked on the “Uncharted 4” game.

However, since “Uncharted 4” has already been released, Naughty Dog can now focus more on the “The Last of Us 2” game. There are rumors which say that the developing company will not begin a “full development” of this upcoming game until early 2017, because the creative team is still working on the post-launch expansion for the “Uncharted 4” game.

Even if Naughty Dog will be fully focused on “The Last of Us 2” starting from early 2017, it seems that the game will NOT be released until 2021. And these are not just rumors, as Neil Druckmann, the lead designed for game, has confirmed the information.

While many fans will not be very happy about this news, we have to agree that this means that the developing company will make sure that they release an epic game that will not have any major bugs and issues. However, if Naughty Dog will release a bad game in 2021, then we’re pretty sure that a good amount of hardcore gamers will just prefer to not play it at all.

We remind you that “The Last of Us” has been one of the best games that have been released for PlayStation 3. Many game critics have mentioned that this is one of the best survival horror games out there. When we will have more information about the upcoming “The Last of Us 2” game, we will return with a more detailed article.

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