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While some iPhone 7 users are praising the camera abilities and 4k image rendering on the Plus model, others users have reported problems with the LTE connectivity on iOS.

These problems appear to specifically relate to the T-Mobile customers and it was the carrier representatives themselves who urged customers not to upgrade to iOS 10 until the issue is fixed.

Well, it appears that the issue will be fixed when the 10.0.3 patch arrives for the iOS 10 users and it should roll out any day now.

The reports say that the voice over LTE calls were not really working and that users were disconnected from their calls for no reason. Certain iPhone users begun to look for solutions to this problem and they ended up deciding that it would be a good idea to turn the Airplane mode ON and OFF and this seems to have worked somehow.

Apart from this LTE connectivity issue, the 10.0.3 iOS update will also come with other bug fixes for other issues that were reported by iPhone 7 users, but not much else is known about it. It will most certainly fix a security issue related to the iTunes having a vulnerability that could have enabled hackers to breach a device. The iTunes issue was discovered recently by Elcomsoft.

Some tech bloggers and tech analysts believe that there’s a possibility that the upgrade will introduce new features as well but Apple hasn’t said anything about this yet.

It’s also quite possible that the upgrade is already rolling out to some devices or at least it’s available and iOS 10 are advised to check their device to see if any upgrades are available and to simply download and install them while paying attention to any notifications or prompts that might pop up in the process.