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Mac is not as popular as Windows, but we have to agree that this operating system is still used by many computers. Today we will talk about a fake installer that will mess up with your Mac OS device and we will teach you to avoid this.

First of all, you should know that Intego, a Mac security software, that has discovered a new fake Flash player that’s labeled as “SilverInstaller”. This program uses a well known method to trick users to download it onto their computer, and, according to the researchers from Intego, after downloading the file named “FlashPlayer_01.30.pkg” which looks like a generic package file you will have to open it. Once this package is opened, it will show “Install SilverInstaller”, which seems to install another content that will not appear after the installation is complete.

It seems that this new installer is a bit more sophisticated than the other known installers that the researchers have encountered in the past. However, the researchers are now watching how this installer evolves.

We remind you that Intego has developed well known line of products for Mac security. In addition, the company has also released applications that improve the Mac’s performance.

How To Manually Remove SilverInstaller

In case your computer already got infected with “SilverInstaller”, then you should know that there is a way to remove it from your Mac device. You will need to head to /var/tmp and from this folder you will need to delete the following files:

  • act (this is a folder!)
  • MPlayer OS X Extended (application)
  • zip (archive file)
  • txt (text file).

In addition, you will need to delete the “MPlayer OS X Extended” from the Application’s folder and finally delete the FlashPlayer_01.30.pkg that you’ve downloaded to your computer. Did this method work for you?