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If you’re a Samsung user then you’ve probably heard about the latest upgrade that some of the Samsung devices are expected to receive very soon, Android 7.0 Nougat. This operating system was launched at the end of August as an OTA upgrade and has since been rolling out gradually to Nexus (now named Pixel) devices.

However, there are many other companies out there that produce Android-based devices like Samsung or Sony so right now, all of these manufacturers are working on bringing the upgrade to their newest devices.

Samsung and LG are expected to get A. Nougat to their devices very soon. It is believed that Samsung is now on the verge of rolling out the upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and the Note 5, while LG has already launched a device that comes with Nougat straight out of the box, the LG V20. Sure, LG hasn’t launched the OTA upgrade yet for its other devices but it will probably do it in no time.

If you own one of the aforementioned Samsung devices, this is what you need to do when you receive the upgrade notification.

  1. Back up your data before downloading and installing the update. You will do so by copying your files on a PC.
  2. Follow all of the instructions and prompts encountered during the installation.

However, it’s quite possible that these won’t be the only Samsung devices that will receive the upgrade when it first comes. It’s quite possible that many other new generation devices from Samsung will get it as well.

The only ones that we’re not quite sure will get the upgrade are the Samsung Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge devices. These devices have only recently upgraded to Android Marshmallow – the previous Android OS – so there’s little chance they will get A. Nougat anytime soon.