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The latest WhatsApp update is bringing in huge changes, literally. Unfortunately, not many WhatsApp users are happy about it.

Just when the furor over data sharing has died down, the new version of WhatsApp is making people furious again. The situation may not be as bad as sharing your data with Facebook, but it can still affect user experience. To some people, the update is a major problem.

So what’s the fuss all about?

The new update has caused emojis in the messaging app to bloat in size. Subtlety has been kicked out of the room, and people don’t like how the emojis are blowing things out of proportion, so to speak. As what some users complain about, the ideograms and smileys make them look too interested in the conversation. One user even said that it’s hard to not look like a serial killer with the new WhatsApp emojis.

Windows Phone users, on the other hand, will have an option to use flatter emojis after updating to the latest version. The set of emojis was introduced by Apple in iOS 10 for cross-platform use. Some users embraced the flatter version, while others stuck it out with the platform-specific emojis. At least, they have a choice.

Huge emojis aside, the update also brings features cooler than an oversized smiley.

  • Users now have an option to customize and doodle on photos before sending them.
  • You can now overlay emoji to the pictures, which is one of its redeeming qualities.
  • You can add your own handwritten notes, in various colors, on your photos.
  • New editing tools will automatically pop up after you share one photo or capture a new video or photo in WhatsApp. The editing tool is where you can draw or add emojis to an image before it’s sent. Find out more about it.

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