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WhatsApp is the application of the moment, being used by over 1 billion people spread all over the world. A good amount of new users are installing this application on their smartphones every day, helping WhatsApp to become even more popular. This is why the developers are obliged to come with new features, but also to improve the application’s stability and solve all the bugs that are reported.

Well, today we have some good news for all users who have a Windows Phone device. According to reports, the latest WhatsApp update that has been released for Windows Phone comes with the Video Calling feature, which allows you to make Video Calls directly from this application. However, since this WhatsApp feature is only available on Windows Phone, it will only function on this operating system. In other words, if you want to make a WhatsApp Video Call to someone who owns an Android or iOS device, this feature will not work.

However, there are reports which say that soon enough, the Video Calling feature will also be available for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t mentioned when exactly this will happen.

To access the WhatsApp Video Calling feature on your Windows Phone, you will need to firstly tap on the menu for making the call with a contact. Here, you will now notice a new icon that shows a camera and once you tap it, you will start the Video Call with that person.

Sometime soon, we will most likely see the WhatsApp Video Calling feature added to the Android OS and iOS. However, we’re not sure when this will happen, but when we will find more information about it, we will let you know.

Have you tested the WhatsApp Video Calling feature on your Windows Phone? Tell us how much you wanted this feature to be finally active.