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Video calling has been really taking of in recent times and it appears that many messaging services are thinking about integrating video calling features into their apps.

There are many systems to choose from for this particular use and, when it comes to iOS users, there are two messaging systems that stuck out from the crowd in terms of video calling, Apple’s own FaceTime and Skype.

Here is a comparison between the two apps that will help you decide which one would better suit your needs.

First of all, both messaging systems are open, free to use and basically have the same features. So it should be pretty difficult to choose one or the other. However, what you might not know is that these systems perform very differently.

If you use Skype as a desktop app, you’ll be shocked to see that it doesn’t actually look the same on iOS. Some basic options are there while many of the ones you might be used to are no longer there.

However, Skype for iOS enables people to make calls through Wi-Fi and cellular, which is something that Apple’s FaceTime does not yet offer. At the same time, it also limits outgoing video to save bandwidth.

As for the video calling experience itself, Skype received very good reviews when the call was between two iOS users and even better reviews when one of the callers was on iOS and the other one on a desktop.

FaceTime has even less configuration options than Skype for iOS but, at the same time, it makes it easier to video call somebody in your list because the option appears alongside the respective contact.

According to several users that have tested the option, it appears that FaceTime offers an overall better video quality when it comes to using the video call features between two iOS devices and between an iOS device and a Mac.