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If you are waiting for an iPad Mini 5 to come out sometime this year, then it may come as a shock to you to find out that it’s quite possible that Apple will launch three iPads in 2017, or more precisely, one device with three variants that will have different sizes.

Supposedly, this upcoming devices refer to an iPad Pro 2 which will come in the following sizes: a 12.9 inch one, a 10.5 inch one and a 9.7 inch one. The latter one is believed to be an entry level device for budget buyers.

Not much is known about the upcoming devices’ specs but it is assumed that they will sport the latest and best available specs. It’s also rumored that they will sport a nice edge to edge display. Other rumors suggest the opposite and they also speculate that the screen size will be bigger when it comes to the smaller version.

Other rumored specs include quad speakers and microphones, a Smart Keyboard and a camera setup that has 12 MP. Although Apple eliminated the 3.5 mm audio jack from the Apple 7 series, these upcoming iPads are presumed to keep this audio jack.

As for processors, the two bigger devices are believed to sport the new Apple A10X processor, while the smaller one is believed to come with an A9X processor.

There are no rumors about the price yet but some have suggested that it will have the same value as the iPad Air 2 which is $399.

If this line of devices does come out, there will certainly be plenty to choose from as opposed to Apple’s rival on the tablet market, Microsoft, whose Surface Pro lineup only presents one device model at every launch. But it’s all just rumor for now and we should wait for Apple to say something about the upcoming iPads before we really believe anything.