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Samsung will most likely announce the Galaxy S8 flagship on February 26 2017, around the date when Mobile World Congress will kick off. The South Korean company has reportedly placed component orders for the Galaxy S8 and hopefully, there will be no problems with the battery. But, things look promising, because the smartphone will come with great features, which will make everyone forget about the Galaxy Note 7 scandal.

No Physical Home Button

The Galaxy S8 might feature an edge-to-edge display that will have the fingerprint sensor integrated into it. This means that there will no longer be needed a physical home button and Samsung will risk being criticized that it will imitate Apple, which already made the first step to replace the mechanical button with a static version.

4K Resolution Screen

The Galaxy S8 will support a 4K resolution (3840 by 2160 pixels) and according to Forbes contributor Ewan Spence, “Not only will this allow Samsung to market the smartphone as having one of the sharpest screens of any mobile device, it also makes the S8 into a suitable platform for the next generation of mobile VR. With each eye receiving a 2K ‘square’ display and a powerhouse graphics chip to drive the output, the Galaxy S8 will have the chance to be the machine that genuinely delivers on a portable VR experience.”

Dual-Lens Cameras

Some of the Galaxy S7 units are using a Samsung ISOCELL S5K2L1 sensor, while others have been equipped with a Sony IMX260 sensor. The S8 could come with dual-lens cameras, but it’s not sure if the components will be built by Samsung or a third party.

No Headphone Jack

Another idea that Samsung might steal from Apple is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and the use of the USB-C port for charging and wired headphones.

Exynos And Snapdragon Chipsets

Samsung will most likely release the S8 in two variants of chipsets: Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 830. Samsung’s proprietary chipset will support a processor that will run at a 3GHz maximum speed and it will be 70 percent faster in image processing.

ARM Mali-G71 Graphics Chip

No matter what chipset will be placed inside the Galaxy S8, it will be shipped with theARM Mali-G71 graphics chips, which “is scalable from one to thirty two cores and delivers up to 20% better energy efficiency, 40% better performance density and 20% external memory bandwidth saving compared to Mali-T880 under similar conditions.”

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