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With Xbox One S surpassing sales of PS4 Pro, you can only wonder if PS4 Pro is worth the price. If we go straight to the conclusion, the answer is yes, but there is a condition which extends beyond the cost and depends on what kind of TV do you have now and if you are planning to change it in less than a year. Its most feared competitor is PS4 itself (the standard version). They have practically the same characteristics, except for the 4K support. Here are all the highlights of PS4 Pro.

  • The price difference between PS4 and PS4 Pro



There is no technical difference between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, except for the 4K support, scaling process and price. A 100 Dollars difference that equals one-third of the original PS4 price is worth 4K support? If you have a 4K TV right now, then it does. If you don’t, you might think it twice. Are you expecting to change your TV for an upgraded 4K anytime soon? If you are in the following 3 to 6 months, it might be worth to make the additional investment. If you plan to stick to your full HD TV (because I assume you can’t have less than full HD), then don’t go for it. You will be spending 100 more bucks for nothing.

  • 4K on the following year



4K TVs are the new trend. Improvements on televisions have not gone too far, and now it is time for resolution with 4K displays. There is a chance that more and more equipment will support 4K in the following year, but where is the content? Some video games are going 4K, but not many movies are released in such a big resolution. They were not even recorded like that. Of course, the trend is to go up in resolution. It will be easier to obtain upgrades for rendered content, and that is the case for all video games and some movies. But films will have to start making an update on cameras to deliver such resolutions.

  • The Scaling Process


There is a process called scaling. It means to take one resolution to another. For the PS4, the scaling algorithm is one of the best available today. It means that when you upscale the content, it is not blurry. Upscaling means that you have to create pixels where they are none. To do that you have to “guess” information where there is nothing. Sony has developed some of the best scaling algorithms available today to make a seamless scaling and truly simulate 4K (or something close). There even are various options suitable for a different kind of content. It is not the same kind of process if you want to upscale an almost static image than if you want to upscale content with a lot of motion involved. PS4 Pro does both processes better. 

  • Do you have a 4K TV right now?



I know I already mentioned about having (or planning to have soon) a 4K TV. Most people don’t see where the payoff is to get a 4K TV if there is no content. Others just want to get the latest TV available, and 4K is the choice. If you are in the second group, then go for the most recent PS4 console too. It will pay off getting more juice out of your 4K TV. On the other hand, if you don’t make up your mind about 4K on television and might get it in a year or so, you’d better wait for the next generations of consoles. New video game consoles are regularly released. If you wait with your TV, then also wait for a 4K console. For now, a PS4 will do the job, and you can get the PS5 (or whatever name they give it) with 4K support. There is a huge chance that the content market will be more mature and you can get the most of your 4K devices. In the meantime, components will drop the price, so it will be worth waiting. You can save some bucks not getting it now and still get the whole experience. 

  • The game trade of PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S



Most games are available for both consoles, so you don’t have to choose anymore. For those exclusive games, they are all average games or remakes, and you can live without them. You will not lose anything if you stick to one or another brand. The user experience has to do more with design and integration, but we will talk about it next.

  • Design and Integration of PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S



Xbox One S is a video game console for everything else on your entertaining system. You can use the voice commands to do things like turning on your TV and change channels. That is good if you don’t want a console for playing. As for PS4 Pro, like its predecessor, it will offer a seamless experience for gaming. Most real gamers prefer a dedicated console than a Frankenstein for playing. There is where PS4 wins the battle, but PS4 Pro is just a more expensive console. With the 100 Dollars difference, you can get one or two games for playing instead of expending the money on a better console with features you might not use.

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