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We’ve found out about Microsoft’s plans to bring a Premium version of its back in April, but the email service was officially announced only now. Users who will prefer Premium will be mostly business people, and they will be willing to pay an annual fee of $50 just to get rid of the annoying ads. In addition, they will register a personalized email address, having the possibility to remove the

So, months ago, on was teased the Premium version of, which had the designation of “preview”. This means that at that time, the developers didn’t have the finalized form of the service, but now it’s live and without ads, and, for starters, users will pay $19.95 per year to get personalized mail. However, later, the price will be increased to $49.99 per year, and there will be no other changes.

In order to sign up for an Premium account, customers will click the “Get Started” button on the home page. They will choose a personalized email address, then enter a domain that they have and select “I own this domain.” After that, users will be to sign into their accounts they just bought or own for some time (they will need to sign into their GoDaddy accounts), but if they want to use a different domain, they will check to see if what they like is available.

If users can’t think of a better name, they can skip this step and they will be taken to their domain dashboard, where they will have the option to continue with their regular inbox or find another domain name. The public preview allows users to create up to five personalized email addresses and they don’t need to worry about the domains, as they’re bought by Microsoft on their behalf, and they’re free for the first year, but after that, there will be an annual charge.

Currently, the preview is available for users in the US, but the auto-forwarding feature and groups are yet to be added.

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