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The Android 7.0 Nougat operating system is still in the process of rolling out to various Nexus devices, but it’s also expected to start rolling out to non-Nexus ones very soon.

Naturally, the first non-Nexus devices that will begin to receive the upgrade will be the newer generation ones because they have the latest specs to support this process. One of those devices that is expected to upgrade to Android Nougat is the LG G5.

According to an Australian carrier’s Android support page, the Android 7.0 Nougat for the LG G5 is in the process of being tested and that it may come to users sometime in mid-November. The carrier in question is named Optus and is a wireless carrier which are known to not always follow through with their system update schedules.

However, at the same time, LG is one of those manufacturers that is known to be very quick in bringing Android OSs to their devices. In fact, the latest device from LG, the LG V20 will come with Android Nougat straight out of the box when it’s launched. So, there’s no real reason to believe that Optus won’t stick to their schedule.

The LG G5 was the first device made by the company that had a modular design. Along with the handset, LG also released the Friends accessories which included a camera and speakers that could be connected directly to the device. Unfortunately, for the LG G5, it did not sell well. It was actually quite a disappointing venture.

So the company is relying more on the upcoming LG V20 which is scheduled for launch on the 28th of October to make its mark and fix the sales deficit. But who knows, maybe an LG G5 that has upgraded ahead of other devices to Android Nougat might have its appeal for a certain type of customer.

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