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Gmail is a popular email app for both computer and Android users. Whether you are using a laptop, tablet or a smartphone, this email app us easy to use and is very simple. Not only does it boast of an effective spam filter. It is also organized and easy on the eyes.

To ensure you make the most of the features of Gmail, it is important to be active in updating it each time an update is available.

Gmail on Android Update Available on Microsoft Exchange

The Google team sees to it that Gmail users are always satisfied with the speed and performance of this email app. This is evident with the cool features they introduce to enhance the performance of Gmail as well as the updates they come up with.

Gmail APK Update

Recently, Google came up with the Gmail APK update for Android, the latest version being 6.9.25. This APK download is 17.91 MB and is supported by devices that have at least the Android 4.0 version. With this update, search results have become faster, whether online or offline. Moreover, it is now easier to add new accounts. On top of these improvements, bugs have been fixed in this update.

A few weeks ago, a minor Gmail update was also released by Google. New graphics have been introduced in the email app. One of which is a graphic seen when you clean the inbox and the other one is when you clean your spam folder. It has also been in the online news a couple of weeks ago that the Gmail update brings responsive design to email. This feature ensures that webpage content will fit any screen size and that the text is readable and the images are within the page.

Gmail Tips

The team responsible for Gmail improvements knows that user experience is important and updates will make this possible. Gmail users, on the other hand, should always watch for updates to get the most out of this email app.