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As you already know, Google Assistant will be available only on the two new Pixel smartphones and the Easter egg that was included in the software contains an entertaining trivia game. So, if you want to play “Are You Feeling Lucky” and answer to questions from the internet asked by Google Assistant, then you should grab either the Google Pixel or the Pixel XL, which are expected to arrive by the end of this month with Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box.

In order to trigger Google Assistant, you will tap the phone’s home icon, then say “I’m Feeling Lucky”, to be taken to a random search result. After finding the game, launch it and start answering to trivia questions. In the background, you will listen to theme music and depending on your answer, if it’s correct or wrong, you will hear different audience reactions.

The game is similar to “You Don’t Know Jack PC”, but the latter has an unseen host that asks fast trivia questions. If you’re playing with your friends, at the end of the round, Google Assistant will pick the winner. This is awesome, because if you’re with your group of friends and want to test your knowledge, “Are You Feeling Lucky” will definitely keep you occupied for a few hours.

Besides allowing you to play trivia games, Google Assistant can be used for identifying a photo of a monument or an important building that appears on social media, from its database of images. Also, it finds businesses (restaurants, bars) around you and it warns you if they’re about to close, and if you’re interested in finding out the latest news or information about sports results, flight times, trending YouTube videos etc., Google Assistant will collect these details from the internet and keep you updated. If you’re bored, the smart service will tell you bad jokes, it will recite poems or make suggestions related to appointments from Calendar, flights in Trips, stored photos and many more.

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