Many people settle for the best product when it comes to securing their computer against known threats. But, do you have the knowledge how to make it work? Are you confident enough that the antivirus software installed on your computer handles the job well in protecting your very important files?

With tons of antivirus software out there, people often compare products just to make sure that they will get value for money. One of the best antivirus software available is AVG Antivirus. Here are some reasons why most people trust this product than anything else.


  • One of the Best Antivirus Software in the Market

Developed by AVG Technologies in 1991, AVG Antivirus is known to be one of the biggest players in the market. It has corporate offices in the US, UK, and Europe, making it one of the most highly recognized antivirus software.

  • Ability to Protect and Repair

A well-known institute for IT security AV-Test was able to test AVG for usability. Moreover, it has found out its ability of protecting and repairing infected files. Likewise, it is excellent in the detection of malware.

Although it has been found to be slow in performing scans, it has an average performance when distinguishing malware and legitimate software during scans.

  • Puts Infected Files in Quarantine

Infected files can harm your computer. As AVG places these threats in quarantine, there is no way for you to open infected files accidentally. At the same time, when threats are detected, you will be alerted via a popup to choose an option for Auto-Fix. Once you press it, AVG will correct the problem leaving you with nothing more to worry about.

  • Intelligent Antivirus Software

In order to reduce unwanted intrusions when you are working, the virus control software will wait until your computer goes to idle state. More so, it is smart enough to ignore files that it has already scanned. Its game mode also provides a worry-free computing without being bothered by scans or updates. You can also make a bootable rescue disk in case your computer stalls after an infection occurred.

  • Legitimate Customer Support

When you have concerns about the software, you will be able to contact AVG Technologies. It also has an in-program help intended for users via a manual and certain links for added resources online. Its online support center also has a frequently asked questions section that you can refer to when you need quick fixes.


At the same time, it has email support as well as live chat for very specific queries. If you are paying for premium support, you will get 24-hour phone service and professional assistance to help you remove viruses from your system.

With pretty convenient features, AVG Antivirus performs quite well on PC, Mac and Android devices. It also utilizes a cloud-based technology that should be able to defend your computer against zero-day threats.

AVG Antivirus, likewise, understands the protection you need and warns you if there are Internet attacks. Moreover, with extra live chat with developers, do you think this is the right antivirus software for you?

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