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Mobile devices have revolutionizes the way we interact. What took days in correspondence in the past now only takes a matter of minutes. One of the most powerful tools on an Android device is the mail app, particularly the Gmail app.

Gmail on Android is fairly easy to use. It is designed to help you save time as well as keep your messages sage. With push notifications, you can immediately know who has been sending you mail and from there, can address those that need your attention right away.

Gmail Email Replies

The Gmail app is also equipped with a search function that allows you to search for any message you need at the quickest possible time.

The Gmail app also provides users with:

  • An organized mailbox where messages are sorted into categories.
  • A spam filtering feature where spam is blocked before it gets to your inbox.
  • A 15GB storage space so you don’t need to keep deleting messages in order to save space.
  • A support for multiple accounts so you can use both your Gmail account as well as your accounts from other email servers including Outlook and Yahoo.

What’s new with Gmail on Android

The latest version of Gmail on Android as of this writing is which was released in October 2016. Among the updates in this newest version are the following:

  • An updated search function that offers faster search results when searching with non-Google accounts whether online or offline.
  • A faster way to add a new account.
  • A series of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Gmail For Work

While we may groan at the arrival of new updates for our phones – they take up space, for one – but they are necessary. Online security is a big issue and your mail is private – they need to be protected and making sure your app is updated is one way to be safe.

Gmail remains one of the best email applications for mobile devices and you should have it on yours.