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In summary, iPhone 7 is a more efficient phone in many ways. For most people who are into using many apps, videos and games on their phones, that is enough reason to upgrade. However, if you are looking for the tiny details on the improvements, keep on reading to find out all about it. Here are 9 reasons to buy iPhone 7.

  1. The size is small again



The first wallet-size of iPhone was perfect, and they shouldn’t have changed it. Luckily, Apple still made a small iPhone almost at the original size. The iPhone 7 is the perfect choice for me. However, if you prefer a bigger screen, there is still the larger version. It also has other improvements, like the DSLR Camera to take better shots.

  1. More Battery Life



A recurrent headache for iPhone users is how little the battery lasts. If you compare iPhone’s 7 batteries with its predecessor, then you’ll find it with a bit extended capacity. However, the actual gain is coming from the combination of the additional power on battery, the new processor and energy efficiency features integrated on the new version. Every additional second is worth the price of the upgrade. To give you an idea, if you use your iPhone 7 just for internet browsing, an iPhone 6s will give you 11 hours, while the iPhone 7 is giving you 14. That is a bit more than 20% extra battery. You can expect an overall improvement in regular use of 20% to 50% depending on how you use it. 

  1. Batteries are not exploding


Batteries are safe, and that is much more than Samsung can say of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the closest competitor to iPhone 7. Without competition, Apple is taking over the market. If you were thinking of another brand, it is now time to think of iPhone. There is much more you can get from the Apple brand.

  1. DSLR Camera (finally)


It is something that was expected on iPhone 6, but came until iPhone 7. The new technology has two cameras that have a different focal length to take better photos. That lets you rely on lenses instead of digital zoom to do the job. The flash was also improved, and it will give more power when needed. The camera features have always been one of the best natives on the market, but they were also enhanced. In conclusion, you can expect to get better shots with a brand new iPhone 7 than any previous generation. Unfortunately, the lens benefit will only come in the premium version. 

  1. No Mechanical Headaches


The home button as a button has been removed. Now there is a touchpad instead, using the same technology that comes on trackpads in MacBook. You will feel an instantaneous feedback as you use it, and it might get more functionalities as new updates come, like track pads that can do different functions depending on the virtual force applied. That would be a real enhancement for iPhones, but the best is you won’t get mechanical headaches anymore. One of the most tech support visits was about fixing the home button for a mechanical problem. With this improvement, it will not happen again.

  1. More Storage, or to be more precise, Double Storage


Few people have noticed that now the iPhone offer goes from 32 GB to 256 GB, instead of starting at 16 GB and up to 128 GB. That means double the storage than the previous generations. The prices are almost the same for each step so that you can will more storage for the same price. That is a great deal for a new iPhone. The double storage alone might be worth the upgrade if you are two generations ahead. Tha will give more room to new Apps and the newest iOS features for the next releases.

  1. New Processor 40% faster


iPhone’s 7 processor is the A10 Fusion. The previous generation (A9) was not as fast. Other improvements include a better graphics processing and less power consumption. All these features make the whole unit much more efficient than ever. The final gain is the overall user experience that has been significantly enhanced, meaning you won’t ever feel it jam.

  1. Wireless earphones


Don’t be attached to cables anymore. With Apple decision to eliminate the headset port, things are going wireless. It sounds like a crazy idea at first, but once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to wired earphones. The only takeoff is that the earphones are so small that they are easy to lose. Your first pair is already included, so you don’t have to pay extra for them, just don’t lose them. 

  1. Water Proof


The iPhone 7 is now waterproof. That is good news for those users who have experienced water accidents with their iPhones (I included). You should not go crazy and go swimming with it every day, but it will not go straight to the repair shop if it gets wet. The real objective is to have a more protected iPhone, dust proof, to prevent any unwanted particles going inside. With all the high-end components working, and without the need of having vents which come from the increased efficiency, to seal the interior is now possible. Higher rates of IP seals are expected on newer versions, but for now, this works.

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