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While it is not really a requirement to be a computer programmer to use a computer and most computer users use their desktops and laptops to compose emails, surf the internet and do their work, it helps to understand how computers work and apply measures to protect pertinent files. One way to do this is via Microsoft Security Essentials. But what are the rumors about this update?

This is a free download that can be installed in your computer and be used to provide protection against malware, viruses and other intruders. This is useful for individuals and small businesses in terms of providing real time protection against unauthorized software and the like.

What Do Users Get?

With Microsoft Security Essentials, users get alerts or notifications make attempts to run or install on the PC. It also informs the user of the severity level of the virus or malware attacking the computer and the user has a choice to remove, ignore or quarantine the file. It also determines if the system has firewall security. If none, the user has the option to activate firewall protection.

Microsoft Security Essentials Update

In recent news, Microsoft is pushing for the latest update for Windows 7’s Security Essentials with KB193414. While there is not much information about what is included in the update, there have been rumors that it is better not to have this update installed. The latest update will be version 4.10.205 and it is believed that the lack of information is caused by the cumulative patches from Microsoft which came only out this recently.

Those who have installed the latest update say that one of the changes in this version is that it affected the individual scan option in Microsoft Security Essentials that the right-click option to scan files does not exist anymore. If you do not want the update but already have one, you can install an older version of Microsoft Security Essentials or wait for the fixes for the version. Updates are important, such as the latest Adobe AIR update, to ensure computer protection and convenience while using your computer.

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