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Although Inbox received praise when it burst into the scene in 2014, not everyone was warm towards the latest entry in the world of email apps. After all, the company that made it has their very own Gmail app, why is there a need for one more?

The premise behind Inbox is it’s more than just a standard email app – it does some things that other apps aren’t able to do. What makes it different is its ability to provide more information about an email as well as its capability to group together emails belonging to the same category. With these two features working together, it’s clear that Inbox was made to save you time when dealing with emails.

What’s with the latest versions?

Just like any other app, Inbox has frequent updates to make sure the expectations of users are met as well as to improve their experience with the app. Inbox by Gmail is available on both the Android and iOS platforms and both versions were updated recently.

This October, the Android version was bumped up to version 1.32 and featured the following:

  • The ability to delete emails with just one tap.
  • The ability to integrate with Google Drive making it easier to insert links from Drive.
  • The grouping of project emails from GitHub and Trello together.
  • The usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

As for iOS, the latest version was also rolled out in October and is now sitting at version 1.3.34. The change long on the app’s iTUnes page is rather vague in relaying what’s new – it only lists “bug fixes and performance improvements.”

Gmail and Inbox may belong to the same parent, but each of them benefits users in certain ways. Whichever is installed in your phone, always exercise best practice in keeping them updated. Emails are private and getting the latest version ensures they stay as such.

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