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In early September, Google released the latest version of Google Earth, which is Earth version This update is mainly a maintenance one so, if you’re just a casual user of Google Earth and/or Google Earth Pro, you probably won’t see much of a difference. But, if you frequently use either of these two tools, you’ll notice a few improvements.

For one thing, this update has fixed several issues that have plagued Google Earth and Google Earth Pro. These include the crashes that happened whenever items were rearranged in My Places, particularly placemarks that have links. The update has also solved the “1603” installer error that was caused by attempts to re-install the program.

Several problems with Linux have also been fixed, including “cache data inconsistency between 32 and 64-bit builds” and “RPM installer problems with permissions in directory /usr/bin”. Even Mac users can breathe a sigh of relief, as the startup failures caused by compatibility problem with the 3dconnexion framework have already been fixed.

Aside from these fixes, version has brought about other small but helpful changes. In Google Earth Pro, for example, there’s no longer a need to go through the registration dialog since it has been removed. And it’s high time, too: Earth Pro has been free for more than a year now, so registering for a license is no longer necessary.

The update has also introduced the new logos for Google and Google Earth and removed certain menu items from the Google Maps Engine as well as the Google Earth Community. The driver support for 3Dconnexion controller devices has also been updated in Mac and Linux.

As Google Earth Blog points out, the release of version is an indication that Google is still much interested in Google Earth and Google Earth Pro. This is good news not only for those who use these programs to locate establishments but also for those who utilize Google Earth Pro to measure areas and distances, obtain high-resolution images for reports and presentations, and do other business-related tasks.

While these fixes and improvements have been welcomed with open arms, some Google Earth and Google Earth Pro users have commented that several problems still remain. One example is the crashes that take place when you make a search while Google Earth is still loading. It’s safe to assume that Google, though, is working on fixes for these issues and will provide the solution in the next Google Earth update.

You don’t really need to do anything to obtain version since Google Earth and Google Earth Pro should automatically update. But, if you used an offline installer to get these programs, you’ll need to manually update it to get the latest version. Don’t worry since you can easily do this by getting the update from the Google Earth download page.

If you’re still using the basic Google Earth, you might want to shift to Google Earth Pro. Both of them use the same data so you’ll see the same map imagery, but you’ll have access to more features when you’re on Pro. Download Google Earth Pro by clicking this link.