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The rumors about the Red Dead Redemption 2 release have been going back and forth for quite a few months now, despite the fact that Rockstar Games did not give any official statement for the highly-anticipated sequel.

Rumors claimed that we would receive an HD version of the game, a next-gen one, together with a completely new prequel, all scheduled for a release next year. Moreover, it seems that the novelties would also include a game map that has already leaked. To everyone’s surprise, and especially for those who did not believe the rumors, Rockstar hinted that this might indeed happen.

Recently, the game studio posted on Twitter an image made of its own logo, except that it was placed at the top of the red texture which was used for the first Red Dead Redemption graphics. Of course, the internet went crazy about it, already foreseeing the supposed prequel/sequel.

But the team did not stop here. After posting on Twitter, they posted the same picture on their website, in the News section, plus they changed the profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter in order to match the same red and black theme.

However, this might just mean that the Rockstar studious are preparing to release simply a remake, just like they did with other titles which were previously released. There is indeed a possibility that the team might hint to that, instead of bringing some completely new content. Of course, this would also be interesting, to have the chance of playing the game in HD quality, but we believe many fans would be disappointed if they wouldn’t get what they want and especially what the rumors have been spreading for months now.

All in all, it remains to be seen what’s with this mysterious signs Rockstar is sending and whether fans will be happy or not.