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Enthusiasm for Pokémon Go is in sharp decline, but there are still millions of fans who continue to play this game because they like to hunt creatures on the streets, train them and send them to battle. Developer Niantic keeps releasing new updates to improve the game, and while some new features are welcome additions, other changes are to the liking of players. The latest controversial move will surely piss off many players, because when they traveled by car, they no longer saw new Pokémon on the game’s map.

Players have appreciated the possibility to earn catch bonuses, which increased their chances to catch rare Pokémon. Also, trainers are able to bring six Pokémon into a friendly gym, as previously, they were limited to only one Pokémon. But these small treats were quickly set aside and forgotten by players who use to travel a lot by car, because Niantic has offered them a nasty surprise: if they moved above 25 miles per hour, they no longer saw new Pokémon spawning on the map.

Many players have complained about the speed limit, but it seems that this is actually a measure that will stop other deadly accidents, because the police have reported that some of the accidents were caused by the drivers’ obsession to play Pokémon while driving and not paying attention to the road. Niantic has received many complaints and fans started speculating that the spawn removal was an accident, a glitch brought by the latest update, because in the change-log, there was no mention of it.

Reddit user jumpingrobot1984 said that he was able to see sightings again at 30+ mph, but there were other players who aren’t as lucky as him. The spawn removal still remains a mystery, because Niantic hasn’t confirmed yet if it’s just a glitch or an intentional move. Unfortunately, until it will be fixed, or if this will ever happen, players will have to walk by foot to catch Pokémon.