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Not so long ago, Opera Mini was originally designed to cater to the needs of mobile device users. Opera Software developed this browser way back in 2005, when it was initially released for public use. This was originally derived from the Opera Web browser for PCs that was publicly available since 1996.

In 2012, Opera Mini was reportedly having more than 168 million users already. In 2013, the number of users has dramatically increased to 300 million. Today, it has a total of 50 languages to choose from upon installation. More so, it has lately been made available to Android and iOS devices, which was originally accessible via Blackberry, Symbian, and JAVA ME platforms.

If you want to try Opera Mini on your desktop computer, here are some easy steps that you can mimic to download and install.

  • Visit the Website

Before anything else, you have to visit the website to begin. At the top menu, you will find the option Computer browsers. Tap or click on it, to get to the download page.

  • Open the Installer

Upon clicking the Computer browser, you will be sent to the download page of the site. Here, you need to click the installer file on the downloads bar.

  • Install Opera

After downloading the installer, you need to read the Terms and Conditions first. Then, you have to install the file by clicking on the Accept and Install option.

  • Open the Browser

The moment you are done installing, you will notice a shortcut to appear on your desktop. You need to double-click it in order to begin browsing your favorite site.

Opera Mini can also be downloaded and installed on iOS and Android devices. Simply follow instructions when visiting the Play Store or the App Store. You only need to search for the keyword Opera Mini and then you are good to go.

Basic Features

  • Secure Web Browser

It is considered a secure Web browser because it has a native ad blocker not found on other browsers. Moreover, it can save up to 90% of mobile data as well as speed up surfing and browsing just about anything.

  • It’s All About Speed

Not only does Opera Mini block unwanted ads on your mobile device, but it will also compress the content before it will reach your end. Thus, you can get content faster regardless of the size or Internet traffic in your area.

  • Smarter Way to Download Content

If you are still looking for a way to save your favorite clips that you see from social networks, quit trying and use this very reliable option instead.

  • Monitoring Your Data Usage

For those who want to track the quantity of data being used on a device, this will be a good option to choose from. Moreover, the amount of data that you can save from Opera Mini will surely help you in extending your data plan. In fact, you can even save more from the extreme savings mode option.