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Those still using the last generation consoles will be pleased to hear that the latest console update has also included in the roll out. This update has brought gamers on the older consoles a variety of new content that have expanded the console realm of Minecraft.

The Xbox 360 update is known as Title Update 43 while the PS3 patch is named update 1.36; while the update has a variety of different names depending on the platform, the content in them is still the same and all players get to explore the new worlds they can create.

Players creating new worlds will be able to find new terrain features in them; fossils and igloos have now be added to the appropriate biomes when generating new worlds. In addition to this, players can now find Beetroot Seeds in the console version of the game which allows them to grow Beetroots and make a new recipe involving them. Surprisingly, this update has also added the new Polar Bear mob to the game.

Gamers on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have also received the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack which includes a variety of Chinese Mythology themed skins, textures and new audio for players to customize their game with. These pack can be bought through the consoles store for $4.99 and also comes with a unique Battle map.

As to be expected from an update, there have also been a few slight changes to the features already in the game; these changes have been mostly focused towards improving structures so that villages can now be spawned with bridges and will not longer be so restricted. The biggest changes however is the addition of Endermen to the Nether.

Mojang hasn’t released any information yet about what will be included in the next update for this version of Minecraft.