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Console gamers received a new Minecraft update not too long ago which has added a range new blocks and items to the game in addition to a new mob; most of the items being added to the console versions already exist in the PC version.

The Xbox One update is named Update 33 while the PlayStation 4 version is known as Update 1.36; despite having different names, these updates are almost exactly the same and include the same content for a number of platforms including the Wii U.

This latest update has brought the game closed to the PC version of Minecraft; the latest mob to be released on PC was included in this update and now console players can also find Polar Bears in their world.

In addition to the content update, both current generation consoles have just received a new Pack; the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack provides players with a new Resource Pack which, as expected, is a Chinese Mythology-themed pack with textures, skins and music. The resource pack is available for $4.99 in the consoles store and also comes with a special Battle map.

Mojang haven’t revealed what will be in the next content update for the console versions; the team usually release one major update per month and players can expect to see new content being added to the game. In the mean time, new Battle modes are expected to be released during the month and there have been some suggestions from fans that Mojang will be releasing a Halloween update.