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We’ve become an increasingly mobile-dependent society. As such, we now welcome receiving mail through our hand-held devices and Gmail remains one of the most popular apps for this on both Android and iOS devices.

Just like any other app, Gmail undergoes several updates and when they do come out, it’s best that you bump up your version to the latest one. The newest updates not only include enhancements but also patch security issues.

Gmail app for Android

As of this writing, the latest version of the Gmail app for Android is It was released on October 2016 with new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Two of the notable updates include being able to search results faster whether online or offline with non-Google accounts as well as being able to add a new account with more ease.

Gmail app for iOS

The Gmail app for iOS was last updated in January 2016. So as of this writing, the latest version is still 4.4.0. The change log on the app’s iTunes page offers a rather general message: “bug fixes and performance improvements.” Although the message is rather vague, it’s still best to get the latest version – it’s for your own safety and security.

Gmail is such a powerful email application, even Android phased out their stock app for it when Lollipop was released. Yes, devices that come with Android 5.0 were using Gmail as the default mail app. Besides, there’s little to be disappointed about with the Gmail app – both an Android and iOS platforms.

Sure, it may not be as great as using the web client but the trick in enjoying the app is knowing how to make use of its most powerful features. Once you unlock those, you’ll be enjoying the Gmail experience on your mobile or hand-held device.