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There are many people around the world, who get from one continent to another in a few hours, but when they book a flight very far in advance, they have the chance to grab a good deal. When traveling by air, customers don’t pay the same price to take the same plane as others who buy tickets ahead of them, and hunting deals has become the new favorite sport, because everybody wants to find low-cost tickets. Well, this is where Google steps in and it gives Google Flights users hints about when they can grab cheap tickets. Google Hotels was also updated, and without a doubt, it will be very useful for travelers who want to find a place to stay the night, after landing on a foreign territory.

Until now, Google Flights has offered some kind of a calendar view of fares, allowing users to see airline’s fluctuating prices and this way, based on the time when they were planning to leave, they could find cheap destinations. Moreover, the application alerted them when the prices of flight tickets were changing. Thanks to the new update, this functionality has been improved and now it informs users when fares are expected to expire, so they can book immediately.

This means that users will no longer need to select a specific flight and track price changes. They will track a destination and the application will help them pick the best route, recommending alternate airports or dates when prices are expected to increase or decrease, based on historical data. Users will receive notification emails in which they will be alerted that prices have changed for a specific flight or route.

These updates will roll out in the coming weeks, ahead of the holiday travel season, and many travelers will surely be interested in using Google Flights to pay less money on airline tickets. Hopper is Google’s direct competitor and its applications are very appreciated by users who can find cheap travel dates and flights, so Google will need to come up with new features, to improve its application and make more attractive.